Legal support

In need of assistance to vet or prepare any legal documentation such as show cause letters, dismissal letters; providing employment related legal opinions, conducting labour department audits; advising and assisting in preparation of collective agreements right up to court representation. We are your one-stop centre for all industrial relations needs.


Some of the legal documentation we can assist with include:

  • Drafting of HR letters such as notice of inquiry, termination etc.
  • Preparation of submission for labour / industrial relations department (conciliation proceedings)
  • Preparation and review of collective agreements
  • Review and drafting of policies on labour / employment law such as sexual harassment, anti-corruption etc.

We can provide legal advice & support on a myriad of employment matters including:

  • Providing legal opinions on case law or cases
  • Negotiating with trade unions as well as forming part of the negotiating party (if the organization allows so)
  • Conducting an IR audit

Should the need arise for a matter to go to court, we can not only assist you to prepare for submissions but we can also represent your organization in court alongside our partner law firms.

A premier boutique law firm comprising a dynamic and pragmatic team of dedicated lawyers. 


One of the larger boutique law firms specializing in employment and IR-related matters.


A one-stop centre for legal needs with a team of dynamic, aggressive and effective lawyers.



Fees chargeable for legal documentation work starts from RM 350/hour for members and RM 750/hour for non-members; legal advice is on a case-by-case basis whilst legal representation can start from RM 1,000 per/half day for members and RM 1,450 per/half day for non-members.