Learning Opportunities

Part of growth in an organization is constant knowledge enhancement from multiple avenues. In an ever-changing world through various stimuli, we are on a never ending learning path. At IR Law we understand and encourage this and promote this via our training programmes. 

IR Law is a registered HRDF training provider and all training programmes organized by IR Law are HRDF claimable. Some are claimable under the SBL-Khas programme, whilst others are SBL Claimable.

The Annual IR Law Conference

Annually, we bring together the top experts in employment law together in a 2-day event where latest developments, frequent issues and other pertinent areas of Industrial Relations and HR are presented and discussed in a concise manner. Get up and close with our line-up of speakers and network with other like-minded individuals at this not to be missed annual affair.

IR LAW We thank you for your participation CONFERENCE 2021 Virtual IR LAW We thank you for your participation CONFERENCE 2021 Virtual


Workshop Schedule

For more topical programmes, the IR Law Series of workshops (online and face-to-face) are available for members and non-members alike to join. Our series of 2 day focused workshops are HRDF SBL Khas claimable and are priced at RM 1,400 (non-members) and RM 1,100 (members) per pax per programme

  • Conducting Workplace Investigations Remotely 

      April 22 & 23 

  • Practical Industrial Relations for HR & Line Managers

      July 6 & 7

  • Fundamentals of Unfair Dismissal Claims (Including constructive Dismissal)

      Sept 14 & 15

  • Industrial Relations Act 1967 (Incorporating (Amendment) Act 2020)

      Nov 16 & 17

  • Domestic Inquiry ( Best Practices & Procedure)

       June 8 & 9

  • Handling Leave, Absenteeism & Problematic Workers 

      August 17 & 18

  • Understanding the Employment Act 1955 (Including Current Proposals to Amend the Act)

      Oct 13 & 14

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In need of a short quick burst of information, join our frequent webinars featuring top employment lawyers, our consultants, eminent HR practitioners and more. Our webinars typically last 1 – 1.5 hours each with a specific topic presented and opportunities to get your questions answered after. The webinars are HRDF SBL claimable; are complimentary for our members and priced at RM 50 per pax for non-members.

Interested to join the mailing list of webinar updates, please email us at enquiries@irlaw.com.my or send us a whatsapp at 016-7486477

In-House Training

Have a specific area of concern requiring training within your organization? Our consultants are on hand to assist you with customized in-house training programmes. Please email us at enquiries@irlaw.com.my with your concern and/or topic of interest and let us prepare a programme that meets your needs. 

Alternately, IR Law has some pre-prepared programmes which are HRDF SBL Khas claimable you can select from should they meet your needs.

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