Legal Research

When preparing any legal documents, there will be some element of research involved. At times, it is a quick reference but at times it can be quite arduous. We can assist you in undertaking this legal research, but should you choose to conduct your own research we provide you with a valuable tool to do so; the IR Law Digital Library. 

Members of IR Law have free access to all employment cases and legislations via our online search engine and database for your research needs. It is also available on the IR Law Mobile App. For non-members, you may utilize the mobile app for an annual subscription fee. The IR Law app can be downloaded on Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. 

For extended research needs beyond employment legislation and cases, members can subscribe to the search engine of one of our partners; and receive a 50% discount off the 1st year subscription (regularly priced at RM 1980 annually). Browse to get a feel of the search engine.


IR law Mobile Available in Google Play Store & Apple App Store

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